Tour of our Sailboat slash Tiny, Minimalist Home!

In this episode, Josh provides a peek into our life and lifestyle living on a sailboat. He takes you on a tour of our sailboat, showing you where we eat, sleep, and – most importantly – store things on our boat! Ha ha!

It’s a bit of a different way of living from being on land, or so we’ve found. For instance, as we store our own water on board, we have become more conscientious about our water consumption. Similarly, we use propane to cook our food, and so strive to prepare meals using as little fuel as possible.

Since we’ve always wanted to live more sustainably, these are welcome changes for us. However, they have taken some adjustment. (Read a more detailed breakdown of our life as liveaboards here!)

We heat our boat with a combination of electric heat (since its provided by our marina for free, or as part of our moorage fee) and by using our diesel heater. It’s winter time, so we do keep our diesel heater running 24/7 to keep the cabin at a steady temperature. However, we don’t need it at all in the summer. You can check out my post here where I go into more detail about our diesel heater and the costs associated with using it.

Our moorage costs here on Quadra Island include showers, water, power, and Wi-Fi. This has been great to make the winter more comfortable.

Please check out our video for a walking tour through our 42-foot custom Bruce Roberts sailboat, with both informative and comedic commentary supplied by Josh. Free of charge, lol. ?