Biggest waves on the planet stranded us!

Post updated May 4, 2018

We had decided to take a little road trip down Vancouver Island to pick up a new bass guitar (it was an excellent deal, I couldn’t resist!!) To do this, we had to take the ferry from our home base on Quadra Island over to the main island. However, little did we know, it would happen to coincide with the storm of the decade!!

I did actually look at the forecast in the days leading up to our trip, and there was no indication it would be as bad as it was. We’d already been enduring several days of gale-force winds (up to 80kms/hr) and more rain than was humanly tolerable.

Thanks to epic wave action of 10-13 metres off the coast (same height as a 5-storey building), we ended up getting stuck on Vancouver Island due to cancelled ferry crossings.

This meant we were unable to get back to our boat – our precious oasis in the midst of all that turmoil!

The video ends with my experiment in creating an artistic, first-person perspective of “waking up” on the boat and greeting my cute family. Hope you enjoy!

Profanity Warning: We may swear a bit… or more than a bit, in this video! ?