Slowly coming out of hibernation and getting a move on our boat projects!

Things always seem to slow down during the winter. Despite our best intentions (and a laundry list of boat projects) we didn’t get to do as much as we maybe should have on the boat. How-EV-er, the sun seems to be showing up a lot more often now, and it’s even casting some much-missed warmth on our faces, which has been incredibly motivating!

This week, Josh fired up the outboard and took the dinghy for a spin around April Point to make sure everything survived the winter. I felt the urge to take down our winter-tarp (which has been keeping the snow/rain off of our pilot house and helping to keep condensation down within the boat) as a tribute to the coming Spring… and to let in more of that delicious sunlight!

AND, we begin a long-awaited project of taking out our crackly 90s sound system and replacing it with high end JBL speakers and head unit. For this project, Josh had to cut new holes into our oak interior (scary!!) and do all of the electrical work. This included running wires through walls and the bilge.

Next week, Josh finishes the stereo install by wiring up all of the speakers, connecting the amp and head unit to our house batteries, and testing the unit to ensure a quality sound is produced. If you want details on what we installed, jump to the Part 2 completed install video/article here!

Be advised: thar be cursin’ in this here videarrrrr! ?