We finished installing our new boat sound system… and it’s kick ASS!

Post updated May 15, 2018

Josh did an awesome job planning out, prepping, and installing an interior stereo system on the boat!

In this (very short) episode that follows up from our Part 1 install video, Josh goes over where all of the new surround sound speakers were placed. He shows you how he finished hooking up the Kenwood marine-grade head unit and JBL amp to our bow-thruster battery and the speakers. Then he ends with a LIVE TEST of the sound system to make sure it’s set up properly for epic sound quality!!

In the video, he also gives you a break down of all the components he meticulously researched and used for this project, which include:

  • JBL GTR-7535 Amp
  • JBL GTO 629 speakers
  • Kenwood KMR 322BT M head unit, and
  • Pioneer 10″ subwoofer

The JBL Amp is a 5-channel system. It supports Bluetooth music streaming from mobile devices with “Party Mode” pairing (where multiple devices can stream music at once). It is a high efficiency amplifier that draws low current (great for boats!) without compromising sound quality.

⛵ JBL GTR-7535 Amp on Amazon.ca

⛵ JBL GTR-7535 Amp on Amazon.com

The Kenwood media receiver (head unit) is a marine-grade system that also has Bluetooth, but you can also plug your music player directly into the front with a USB cable (which Josh prefers). It plays all kinds of music files, including MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, and high-fidelity FLAC. Because it’s marine grade, it features corrosion-resistant circuit boards, making it quite durable. Plus the display changes colours, which is pretty cool, hehe!

⛵ Kenwood Media Receiver on Amazon.ca

⛵ Kenwood Media Receiver on Amazon.com

These JBL speakers are also a low-draw model, which is perfect for the boat. They have edge-driven speaker cones that deliver awesome sound quality. They also have a wide frequency response so you get music with the full range of sound – great for high fidelity tracks! Each speaker is 6.5″ across and made with carbon fibre materials.

⛵ JBL GTO 629 Speakers on Amazon.ca

⛵ JBL GTO 629 Speakers on Amazon.com

As space is limited on the boat, we chose this Pioneer shallow-mount subwoofer with an oversized cone structure to round out our music playback on the boat. It’s only 6″ deep, but delivers a solid frequency range of 20-200 Hz with a 10″ subwoofer. For a little sub, it puts out a strong kick… certainly enough for a small interior space like our boat!

⛵ Pioneer Subwoofer on Amazon.ca

⛵ Pioneer Subwoofer on Amazon.com

Since we live on our boat, this kind of project was a no-brainer. We wanted to be able to enjoy music like we used to when we had our home theatre at our house. And this setup has worked out just amazingly!

We hope you enjoy this final install video. As always, if you have any questions, please ask away!

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