Installing New Cam Cleats, Prepping for Projects… and Another Surprise Gift!!

This week we get another break in the weather (hooray for Spring!) and pick away at a few more minor boat projects. Josh performs an upgrade to our traveller’s rigging system by installing two new cam cleats next to the open V-cleats, for added security. (True to title, those travellers like to travel, and sometimes rip the lines right out of the cleats!!)

Next up, the whisker pole!

Though we didn’t do the install in the end, we looked at how our whisker pole was doing, and performed some minor maintenance on it. Including… *shake my head*… spinning the entire thing 180° because it was installed upside down! (Seriously!?)

Anyway, weirdness aside, we were about to install a new pole end fitting into our whisker pole, as the locking mechanism on it has broken off. Now we’re thinking we will try using a small piece of line instead to act as a clasp. Cheaper. And, hopefully, just as effective.

Back to the store you go Mr. End Fitting and $200 buckaroos back in the sailing kitty!

To top our week off, we are overwhelmed once again when a subscriber to our YouTube channel saw fit to mail us a care package! And we are blown away!

If you watched our last episode, we were floored when a Patron and subscriber mailed us a wonderful care package. And now, we’ve just received our second one from another viewer and new friend!

We know we are a new sailing “show” and that there are hundreds of excellent sailors and entertaining peeps out there doing what we are, and plan, to do. But we are again humbled and inspired that people are enjoying our hijinx and want to help support our endeavours. We are so incredibly grateful!

Check out our latest episode to find out what arrived!