Having fun playing with kayaks and electric motors!

Post updated May 4, 2018

This week, Josh tackles reinstalling the deadman switch to our back-up windlass, and I take on churning through our inventory of (mostly unused) wardrobes after a year aboard.

Episode Summary

The previous owner – for whatever reason – had cut the switch off and stored it in a random bin on the boat (weird). So, first, Josh pulls it out and tests it to make sure it works. After installing it, though, we find out the windlass isn’t working!

So, using a piece of spare wiring, Josh shows you how he troubleshoots the electrical setup of the second windlass so that we can narrow down where the issue lies in the wiring. Turns out, the wiring that leads from up on deck down below to the relay switch is fried somewhere. Boo. BUT! At least we know where the problem is now!

Next up is my wardrobe malfunction… er, dysfunction. Ha ha!

After an entire winter of cursing my supposed dumbness because I couldn’t find my sweaters (I thought I had gotten rid of them), turns out they were hiding deep in the burrow of a storage area. I was annoyed at this discovery, but also relieved. It made me realize I needed to (A) better organize my stuff and (B) ask myself whether I really needed ALL of this stuff.

So now I have a question for (female) liveaboards out there: How much do you keep on your boat? I know it’ll vary depending on your lifestyle and how much space you have. But I always have this weird guilt that I continue to hold on to too many material possessions… of which I consider clothing to be a largely superfluous material possession.

Last – but not least – the best thing to happen to us this week? We bought a kayak for $100 (woot!) and Josh takes it for a trial run on the one sunny day we had. It was even kinda warm out, and it’s only April! Is it summer yet?? ?