Happy 37th Birthday Josh!!

Captain Josh was born on Earth Day, and I am so happy that this day happened to fall on a Sunday this year… which meant I could spend the whole day with him celebrating his first birthday on a boat! ?

In this episode, you get to see all the foodstuffs I prepared for him for his birthday. Which was my gift to him because, when you’re an adult, the best gift in life is being waited on hand, foot, and mouth haha!

In order to permit all this wonderful cooking and feasting, however, we discover we need to take a trip into “town” to refill our precious cooking propane canisters. And – since we no longer have a vehicle – these canisters must be tied to and conveyed on our little folding bicycles. A feat that I personally had some reticence about. I was sure we were going to blow ourselves up doing this.

Miraculously, though, we’re still here! We live to cook another day!

What’s also wicked-cool in this episode is we get to take the GoPro out on the kayak! Josh got some gorgeous footage of the pink and purple sea urchins living in our area. Not to mention the bull kelp forests! It’s such an incredible world, even just a foot under the water’s surface. We’re happy we can finally capture some of it!

We hope you enjoy this simple yet wonderful day that we had just enjoying the warmer weather, enjoying the water, enjoying delicious food, and enjoying each other’s company.