Replacing Fork Toggles on our Standing Rigging

In this episode, we’re reminded of the harsh realities of nature. This week I observed eagles plucking ducks from the surface of the water and capturing seagulls in mid-flight, orcas hunting seals, and I even caught some footage of an eagle making a MEAL out of a captured seagull!

Afterwards, I go over my project of the week – addressing some on-going rigging maintenance. We had some of our fork toggles rust themselves into a sad (and hazardous) state, so I provide a run down of how I went about replacing these parts of our standing rigging. I include an explanation of our Loos&Co professional tension tool, and how I adjusted the rigging tension of our stays & shrouds using this neat (and expensive!) tool.

If you watch to the end, I include some footage of us actually sailing (aww yeah), bombing around in the dinghy with the dog, and some bright pink schools of krill who found their way into our marina.

Be advised: there are one or two minor “grown-up” words in this video. ?