Our Rundown of how we Dock and Undock with our Sailboat

Being able to securely moor is one of the most important skills a boater can possess. Yet it’s something that’s frequently done very poorly. And if this doesn’t seem like a big deal, there are plenty of times when a bad mooring job caused major damage not only to the boat, but also to other boats around it.

Having seen some pretty dubious videos on docking, we though it prudent to share our experience on the “how-tos” of docking and undocking, in a very methodical and safety-first manner. In this video, we had to set off across Discovery Passage to refill our diesel tanks. It was about as perfect for conditions as you could hope for: clear visibility, sunny (albeit icy cold), with calm waters. We timed our journey across so that it would take place entirely at slack tide — a good way to reduce any worry or hassle if you are in or around some bodies of water with strong currents.

We’ve tried to do this video in an “instructional” way, and I have created a detailed checklist that subscribers and Patrons can e-mail us to receive a copy of, if they enjoyed the information and would find this helpful to safely enjoy boating!

Just as an aside, we are still trying to get the hang of our videography techniques. We learned a great deal from editing this footage how we can do better next time to make things steadier with perhaps better vantage points so you can see everything we are doing. If anything is unclear to you in this video, please don’t hesitate to write a comment to us. We’d be happy to clarify anything. 🙂