Hail storms, failed voyages, and winter blahs

Oh, boy – we are SO ready for winter to be OV-ER.

In this episode, we experience our worst cabin fever since winter began. Not feeling overly motivated to do anything except vent our crankiness-slash-sillies out to each other, we don’t move forward on any boat projects.

For Valentine’s Day, Josh does some laundry and we joke around (at the marina’s and our own expense). Later, Josh goes to lend a hand to the local rich guy’s 1930s-era wooden cruiser under tow… which returns from its second failed attempt to journey out. Josh also says hello to the local Coast Guard, who were cleaning up a fuel spill that took place a while back (caused by a too-aggressive pressure washing of a large fishing vessel).

To top things off, we were lucky (unlucky?) enough to capture what we thought would be a snow squall but turned out to be a brief-yet-bangin’ HAIL STORM! (Actually, it was pretty neat to see!)

Josh ends the saga of our week by spending a few introspective moments walking the snowy docks and resort grounds to stretch the pooch’s legs out!

Feel free to sit back, enjoy some nice tunes, and laugh at our winter doldrums, hehe.

Be advised: we’re cranky and we vent a little through our words! ?