Trying out some new “wheels” and… OMG, an amazing gift from a Patron!

Post updated May 15, 2018

As we’re now only a few months away from leaving our temporary home on Quadra Island, we’re beginning to get more excited as we continue to take big steps towards leaving and going cruising!

Our new transportation!

Knowing we won’t need our trusty GMC Jimmy where we’re going, we’ve listed it for sale. However, we still needed a way to bomb around and have some way to transport our groceries and propane tanks to and from our boat (which we did in this episode!). With some serendipity, we discovered our boat neighbours had some folding bicycles that met all our needs and were willing to sell to us.

And so, we bought two previously-loved Faulkner folding pedal bikes and took them for a “test drive” to April Point Resort… in warm sunshine no less!

Many thanks again to our boat neighbours for offering their like-new bicycles to us for a good price. We are super happy with them! (Here’s a detailed review to learn more about these rad bikes, if you’re interested!)

Our new drone!

We continue to divert precious resources from our sailing kitty to upgrading our videography abilities. It’s hard to spend money like this, but since we like to do things the right way, we felt it was a necessary expense. Hopefully, the addition of a drone will bring our video game “to new heights”. *pun groan* Ha ha!

Our new Patron & friend!

We also give thanks to one Patron and friend in particular who has honoured us with a beautiful gesture in the way of a gift/care package!

If you’re reading this, thank you SO MUCH for your incredibly generous gift! We know it will be put to very good use!

Check out our latest episode to see the unwrapping! 

Minor language caution: there are a couple of “words” of gratitude and surprise in this video! ?

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