Just a day in the life on Quadra Island

Post updated May 1, 2018

This is your typical “day in the life” episode of life aboard a sailboat: crabbing on Quadra Island, walking the dog, and… boat chores!

Because we keep our diesel heater running 24/7, this week we had to make a crossing from Quadra Island over to Campbell River to refill the tanks. Discovery Passage, which is the body of water separating Quadra from Vancouver Island, is known for its wicked-fast currents and unfathomable depths.

I show you where I usually walk with the dog around April Point Resort. A wicked fog bank also rolls in, and I get to show you just how freaky it can be for not seeing boats and debris in the water.

As the inside passage from the Pacific Coast up to Alaska, Discovery Passage is also the main transit route for cruise ships, massive barges, and even towering container ships! So between fog banks, currents, and large vessels, it can make for a pretty dicey area for recreational boaters.

Not so typical day-in-the-life though is that we pulled up our crab trap for the first time… and incredibly – there’s a good catch of crabs in it!! Who’d have guessed there were nice-sized crabs walking around right under our boat? 😉